What is the OCS certificate?

Polytherm is the first Spanish company to obtain it.

OCS Certification

Operation Clean Sweep is a global plastics industry initiative aimed at reducing the potential release of microplastics in the form of granules, flakes or resin dust into the environment. This initiative is progressing thanks to the commitment of companies and manufacturers.

At Polytherm, the reduction of waste from our manufacturing materials, which avoids the dispersion of microplastics in the factory, has led us to be the first Spanish company to receive the OCS (Operation Clean Sweep) certificate.

What is OCS?

tiene como objetivo evitar que la granza vaya a parar al mar. This is a voluntary program of the plastics industry, which aims to prevent pellets from ending up in the sea.

What does it involve?

OCS certification is intended to encourage the use of good pellet cleaning and pellet control practices in all operations where plastic pellets are handled to minimize leakage into the environment.

Among these practices, AENOR certifies the degree of compliance with 5 main measures:

1. Make "zero chippings loss" a priority

2.  Assessing your company's situation and needs

3. Make the necessary improvements to facilities and equipment.

4. Raise employee awareness and create a sense of responsibility.

5. Monitor and enforce compliance with procedures

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