Leading manufacturer of Radiant Systems

Improve your health and quality of life with an efficient 

Living in an energy-efficient home increases your comfort and well-being by reducing your energy consumption, extending the life of your appliances, and paying less on your utility bills.

Climate your home

Thanks to our Polyalpha digital electronic chronothermostat and renewable energy, you can achieve almost zero energy consumption.


Solutions to protect your installations.

Take care of your home and water ​ 

Solutions for air renewal.

Breathe quality air


¿Why are we the best choice? 

We have been a leader in the Iberian market of underfloor heating systems for more than forty years. combining our quality products with exceptional service. We can help you build your efficient home. 

Environmental Commitment 

The first brand in Spain to obtain the AENOR OCS ( OPERATION CLEAN SWEEP ) certificate. 

Pioneers and Referents

First to implement radiant systems in Spain and internationally recognized. 

Trust and Security

More than 40 years as a leader in the Iberian market. 


We offer the best-personalized advice for each project.​ 

Are you a professional?


Polytherm Profesionales presenta su primera WEBINAR

Polytherm Sistemas realiza junto a CYPE ingenieros, el primer seminario ONLINE sobre el funcionamiento del software de cálculo Open BIM Polytherm.

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Sistema de regulación "Polyalpha Plus"

El sistema de regulación “Polyalpha Plus”, permite controlar en cualquier momento y lugar la climatización a través de un dispositivo móvil.

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Catálogo de precios Polytherm

Conoce todos los productos, las novedades y sus características en la tarifa completa Polytherm.

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