Hot and cold underfloor heating

Thanks to our Polyalpha digital electronic chronothermostat and renewable energy, you can achieve almost zero energy consumption.


More economical, More comfortable, Invisible

Thanks to underfloor heating you can make your home a cozier placer. You will have a perfect temperature every day of the year. Enjoy heating in winter and underfloor cooling in summer, while saving on your utility bill.  

calefacción por suelo radiante polytherm


Enjoy an air-conditioned home, totally-uniformed without annoying noises.

ahorro energético en el suelo radiante polytherm


The underfloor heating allows you to save energy up to 20% on your bill.

ahorro de energía con suelo radiante


A system combined with renewable energy or photovoltaic energy allows us an approach to self-consumption.

libre decoración con el suelo radiante


Thanks to underfloor heating, we have total freedom of design, decoration and it does not stain walls or ceilings.

 Systems Functionalities:


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Frenquently asked questions 

underfloor heating is the only air conditioning system recommended by the oms. It is characterized as being the most efficient and economical for heating and cooling single-residential homes, residential buildings, renovations, offices, agriculture and livestock farms.)

formed by a closed system of pipes distributed evenly over the entire surface of the floor , creates a pleasant and homogeneous temperature in both summer and winter, without drying out the indoor environment of the house, without producing drafts or occupying space (perfect for decorating your home)

In homes: both individual and communal in new construction or renovation.

In buildings: offices, factories, nursing homes, hospitals, kindergartens, schools, universities, churches, industrial buildings, museums, animal kennels, dog kennels, hangars, hotels, stores, etc.

Sports facilities: gyms, sports centres, pools, high-performance centers, tennis and paddle courts, soccer fields, yoga rooms, meditation, pilates, common areas, locker rooms, etc.

Outdoors: access ramps, pedestrian areas, in parking lots, passageways, and stairways as anti-ice systems, animal shelters, sidewalks, etc.

It offers many advantages starting with being healthy, invisible, safe, comfortable, reliable, and clean, and its high level of efficiency by having a high inertia that allows it to keep it in operation for a longer time with little need for energy input.

One of the main advantages of underfloor heating system is the savings on your energy bill, which can be between 10% to 60 % in comparison to other heating systems, working at a temperature around 35 ° c, while other systems such as radiators require 65-75 ° c . So you can save on your bills with underfloor heating!

Ambos sistemas de calefacción conllevan la realización de obras para poder realizar su instalación, siendo un sistema de calefacción por radiadores más leves que un sistema de suelo radiante. Pero, este último, nos reporta un ahorro energético en la factura considerable, distribución de calor homogénea, sin dejar ningún elemento a la vista, permite dividir en estancias la calefacción y además pudiendo regular de forma independiente cada una de ellas. 

El suelo radiante mantiene la humedad natural de la estancia, evitando la generación de polvo y concentración de ácaros, mientras que los radiadores tienden a reducir no solo la humedad, sino también el nivel de oxígeno.

Yes, it is possible and it is the perfect combination to enjoy maximum comfort all year round. With the same polythermal system you will be able to regulate the temperature of each room both in summer and winter.

Visit our YouTube channel to see how you can install underfloor heating. Watch video Ver vídeo

Within the underfloor heating systems, there is the electric floor and water underfloor heating, as the system par excellence due to all its advantages.

The electric underfloor heating has a conductor cable that is distributed throughout the room homogeneously, working as its name indicates with the electricity supply. To provide us adequate comfort, the electrical power you need will be high, so the expense will also be.

On the other hand, the underfloor heating by waterworks is hot or cold water which circulates through a closed circuit of pipes that is under the pavement. This modality of air conditioning is the one that presents the most benefits for its efficiency and well-being, the only heating system recommended by the who because it does not generate currents, maintains environmental humidity, prevents the transmission of air particles, and provides a homogeneous temperature that generates the best feel-good feeling, working with such low temperatures and having so much inertia, the savings will be considerable, even more, if we combine both sustainable and efficient energy generators..

the underfloor heating system consists of a network of pipes installed under the floor in any room, on top of a layer of mortar that helps the circulation of hot or cold water covering the surface area, causing a temperature suitable throughout the year.

Once we have decided on an efficient and quality heating system, we must decide on the floor. In this section, if you have always dreamed of but you think it is not compatible with underfloor heating, do not worry, because all types of flooring are compatible with this heating system,
But we must differentiate between some types of flooring and others, since, depending on the thermal resistance of each one, the performance will vary. We find the petrified screeds as the most suitable for installation on a radiant floor due to their low thermal resistance. On the other hand, the thicker the wood floor, the greater the thickness, the greater the resistance, and the lower the performance of the installation

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polyalpha plus regulación

Sistema de regulación "Polyalpha Plus"

El sistema de regulación “Polyalpha Plus”, permite controlar en cualquier momento y lugar la climatización a través de un dispositivo móvil.

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suelo radiante refrescante

Suelo radiante refrescante

El suelo radiante reversible permite calentar y refrescar una estancia mediante el mismo sistema.

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cuidado de la instalación de suelo radiante

Cuidado de la instalación de suelo radiante

Aditivos especiales para el cuidado del suelo radiante.

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