Water treatment   

Filtration and water treatment solutions that extend the life of your installations and provide impurity-free water. 


Water treatment systems

Our filtration and water treatment systems offer multiple solutions, such as water filters and leak detection. In addition, they are compatible with other types of installations and systems.. 

Enjoy your home with the highest Polytherm quality!


Self-cleaning filters that remove impurities from your water installations. No need to buy bottled water anymore.


Prevention of water leaks in your home, large or small.


Systems perfectly adaptable to underfloor air conditioning.

filtros judo

Protect your heating system

Our filters and additives prevent damage caused by incrustations and corrosion in your heating installations.

Water damage prevention  

The Judo system detects small gradual losses of water.  

sistema judo de daños por agua
filtros de agua para consumo

Tap water

Self-cleaning and chronometric tap water filters for impurity- free water

Frequently asked questions

The key to these systems lies in the process where the solid particles that are found in the home are separated by a filter media, or filter, allowing the passage of water without any particles in suspension such as sand residues, sand, dirt, ground, heavy metals, etc.

If you are thinking of acquiring a system to protect your home water installations or your air conditioning system. Polytherm together with the german manufacturer judo, number one in the sector, offers you filters adaptable to your needs, with the highest quality and sustainability.

For your home to be efficient, it must have solutions that meet the highest energy and environmental standards. Our air temperature systems guarantee efficiency in any room and commitment to the environment thanks to their sustainability.<br/>Breathe in a safe environment breathe from a safely alphaure environment

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edificios con eficiencia energética

Un edificio eficiente

Consigue la máxima eficiencia energética y medioambiental con nuestros sistemas de climatización.

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día mundial del reciclaje

Día Mundial del reciclaje

Este día tiene como objetivo concienciar a la sociedad acerca de la importancia de proteger el medioambiente a través de un correcto tratado de deshechos.

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suelo radiante refrescante polytherm

Suelo radiante refrescante

El suelo radiante reversible permite calentar y refrescar una estancia mediante el mismo sistema.

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