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Do you know why Polytherm has been a leader in underfloor heating market for more than 40 years?

A continuous renovation of our installations and development systems allows us to carry out innovation projects that bring to the market state-of-the-art products with a common denominator of quality, efficiency, and sustainability.

Our history

Do you know what Polytherm's strengths have been throughout its history?  Our employees and our capacity for innovation.

To manufacture high-quality underfloor heating systems, we work with the most qualified professionals. We invest in their training and retraining. We have as a principle a positive and close working environment.

In 1979 we introduced such a revolutionary system as the water underfloor heating system to the Iberian market. We set a new trend in the market which is nowadays the system par excellence in any installation.

Our technical team designs new products and carefully calculates each one of the circuits that make up a project.

Each component of our system is rigorously tested in individual tests, both internally and externally by AENOR 



Polytherm is founded and with it, the first insulating plate with built-in pipe clamping.


First installations with radiant cooling in Spain.


First insulating plate with castellated panels for the PEX pipe guide and support.


First multilayer PEX-Al-Pex.


First insulation board with castellated panels plasticized.


Presentation of the first bronze manifold with flowmeters.


First non-metallic underfloor heating manifold made of PPS.


First sludge separator for underfloor heating.


New Tri-layer boards with two densities..


We created the 3-layer weldable PERT pipe system.


Manufacture of the first 5-layer tube with metallic particles.


We created the 5-layer weldable PERT pipe system.


New sludge separator integrated in the "Estrato" manifold.


Production of new base element Thermoforming.


First company in Spain with OCS environmental certification.


Market integration of the "Minitherm" system for a slimmer and more sustainable retrofitting.


Integration of a new underfloor heating element "EPS-ARTIC GRAFITO".

We keep innovating... 

Polytherm and the future

Our corporate goal? We want to continue offering all our customers high-quality, safe, and efficient service and systems. To this end, we continue to innovate, focusing on sustainability, efficiency, and energy savings.

eficiencia energética polytherm
sostenibilidad medio ambiente polytherm


Employees has led us to be the first Spanish company to receive the OCS (Operation Clean Sweep) certificate.

The installation of photovoltaic panels in our factory, with a capacity to produce 240 KW, covers between 20% and 33% of our energy needs in a totally sustainable way..

This new investment, in addition to OCS certification, reflects Polytherm's commitment to responsible production. 


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