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​We help you take care of your health with our air renewal system. A system that consists in extracting the stale air from the interior of your home and substituting it for fresh air from the exterior.


Home Air Renovation

Our goal es to make your home energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Thermal insulations and hermetic enclosures fit perfectly with the air renewal system. Simultaneously, you can have the perfect room temperature, energy efficiency, and quality air. 


Prevents accumulations of CO2 and other gases produced from cleaning, painting, and other products.


Filters block particles and pollen that contaminate and cause allergies.


Perfect acoustic insulation enables a perfect rest without any noise.


Solutions that permit the recuperation of up to 95% in air energy.

sistema centralizado polytherm de renovación de aire

Centralized Systems 

Lunomat is the perfect professional supplier of air.

Certified by Passive House Institute as a highly energy-efficient system.

certificado casa pasiva - passive house

Air renewal with heat recovery.

A decentralized system of cyclic operation. 

The best high-efficiency, technologically advanced, and low-noise-level equipment that you will find in the market.

renovación de aire con recuperación de calor
sistema de extracción ultrasilencioso

Extraction System 

Ultra-quiet and automatic extractor hoods/fans

Perfect for removal of the home interior air. Efficient and low noise. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The equipment is capable to suction polluted air from closed interiors.

It  consist of introducing clean air from the outside previously filtered by trained equipment in any closed room,while at the same time, extracting all the stale air by retaining it in the air conditioning system. This process is know as an air renewal system, which its main purpose is to keep the air clean and maintain an adequate temperature.

All the components that make up an energy-efficient home must meet the high standards of the Passive House Institute. Our Exhaust fans are qualified to meet the highest efficacy and meet the requirements for an energy-efficient home.

All components that make up an efficient home must meet the high requirements of the Passive House Institute. Our exhaust fans are able to offer the highest efficiency and meet the requirements for an efficient home.

Are you a proffesional? 


sistema lunomat

Sistema de ventilación Lunomat

Sistema centralizado Lunomat con recuperación de calor de hasta un 95%.

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renovación de aire

Renovación de aire con el e² de Polytherm

Un equipo capaz de filtrar todas las partículas dañinas para la salud y totalmente eficiente. 

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edificio eficiente

Un edificio eficiente

Consigue la máxima eficiencia energética y medioambiental con nuestros sistemas de climatización. 

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