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Polytherm Radiant floor

Our effort and dedication during our journey in this industrial sector have enabled us to manufacture components that allow us to offer an efficient climate control system that is safe and high quality. Our work is such, that can provide solutions to any site or projects , a new site, a rehabilitation, or the installation of a climate-control system for industrial warehouses, chicken farms, or pet kennels/stalls..

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Radiant Floor Components

System Regulation 

With our Polyalpha Plus control system, you can offer your customer a simple and intuitive way to control the climate control system of his home from a smartphone or tablet, no matter where he is and at any time.


For the fulfillment of a good performance of comfort in the home, the underfloor heating system must have high-quality manifolcollectorrs. Our manifolds/collectors can meet your needs and offer the best guarantee 


Equipment able to protect your installation from the sludge and particular ferrous particles that can affect it. Improves notably the heat transmission of the climate control system, since it keeps clean of impurities and residues the internal equipment and thus improving the energetic efficiency. Improved energy efficiency saves on utility bills and extends the life of the system elements. 

Sanitary Systems

Polytherm and Termoconcept work hand in hand to offer you the best sanitary systems on the market. Your installations will have unmatched quality and a 10-year warranty..

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Large Facilities

A solution for every need.

We can offer competitive prices to large installations. Thanks to our innovation, our accessories will offer you unique advantages on the market. 

A pipe for every installation.

We have 3 types of pipe that you can choose depending on your installation. In addition, our sanitary systems are composed of pipes and fittings certified by AENOR. 


They all work for you! Our accessories are designed to work in large installations/facilities.

A perfect fusion.

Homogeneous union without flow reduction. Video

A safe assembly  

The safest welding. Video

Fusioper multi-combinable accessories.

Reduce the number of references, and fittings that adapt to other fittings with the same or larger diameters.

From -20 to +90ºC  

Wide working temperature range.

Fast assembly

You can perform the assembly by pressing. Videos

Plumbing and Heating

Special for heating installations.

Polytherm and Termoconcept have always been at the forefront of innovation, offering quality and thinking about making our customers' day easier. Because we know that your time is worth gold!

Our solutions for plumbing and heating have AENOR certificates that certify their quality and innovation in the market. Undoubtedly, the best solution for your plumbing and heating works! 

Simple and effective. Our accessories are designed to make your day-to-day life easier. Compact Manifold/Collector, a perfect accessory for sanitary installations. It offers advantages in savings, safety, and labor.


Other Solutions​ 

Water Filtration 

Exclusive Judo®  Distributor 

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District Heating 

Distribuidor exclusivo en BRUGG®

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Air Renewal

Distribuidor en exclusiva Lunos®

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